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Bounce a dime off dat ass?


Bounce a dime off dat ass?

I know, I know.
You want to look better.
You want to have a tight ass.
You want to fit into your fave jeans.
You don’t want back fat.
You don’t want a muffin top.
I get it.
BUT that’s not all your training is about.
YES, we will bounce a dime off your ass…eventually, but let’s redirect our focus a bit though.
Instead of strictly worrying about what we look like, let’s focus on how daily living improves, how confidence is enhanced, how task completion becomes more polished.
Training not only breeds aesthetic benefits but also enables us to move with the greatest efficiency in our daily life, not just in the gym.
When we move efficiently, we then have refined posture, a better functioning body, increased confidence & a decrease in fear of activity or movements.
Commit to your training and reap the benefits around the clock.

Now get me a dime….


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