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Comfort? Not Really.


Comfort? Not Really.

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The Comfort Zone is not necessarily a positive feeling/place. “Comfort” although synonymous with cozy, warm & safe is also a dwelling place for mediocrity, fear, complacency and effortlessness.

Life TRULY does BEGIN at when you step out of your comfort zone or your routine or your mundane repetition of all you know yourself to be. Step outside of this zone. Step outside of what you are “used to” and begin to LIVE.

What is ONE THING you always wanted to do? Stop Reading. Answer the Question. Now write in down. Now pursue it.

NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU except, being in stuck in the routine “you” that you may be living right now. The “familiar” that you only know.

If you REALLY want something, You will stop at NOTHING to obtain it. You WILL seek out the resources, You WILL find the connections, You literally, WILL it.

A warm blanket & a hot bowl of soup on a cold January day is comfort, not a boring, mediocre routine, one might call, Life.


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