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“I Suck”


“I Suck”

Today I found myself replying to a Facebook message. When I replied I realized, EVERYONE who is in some type of fitness / training/ sports at any level should see this:
Awesome Female Client: “I know you don’t like negativity, but I sucked today! I don’t know what my problem was! I think it was the hardest workout for me so far …”
ME: You think you sucked today? Really? Actually as I see it, you were met with a harder workout than you have exp…erienced before & you stood up to it the VERY BEST you could. Be happy that you struggled, because it shows that you are putting every ounce of effort into your performance & with that continued effort, your “struggle” will lessen & your ability will grow.
Tell me why you sucked?
That’s a general statement. What do you mean by “I sucked today.”
Ask yourself.
Could you not keep up? Did your muscles burn? Was it hard to maintain form? What makes you suck?
Then after you answer those questions – ask yourself this…..Are these answers things that CAN improve? Are these answers things that WILL improve?
Chances are, the answer is… F@#K YES!
I’ll tell you when you “SUCK”…
You suck when you don’t try.
You suck when you back off because of laziness.
You suck when you know you can do more, but decide to take a break anyway.
You suck when you don’t care.
You suck when you are doing this for anyone but yourself.
Long story short. You don’t suck. Instead, you are BALLS DEEP in the process & you are going head to head with challenges every time you train. As long as you meet them head on with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO GIVE. YOU DONT SUCK!
This is my InspirationThruExperience,

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  1. Michelle Green

    Amen!! I have had times when I felt like I suck because I couldnt work at the same level as everyone else but I know that I pushed as hard as I could and I am doing exactly what I need to do for myself!! I have also felt like I sucked when I was being lazy and not participating in fitness like I knew I should. It was a learning experience!! I know how it feels to quit, and give up! NOT THIS TIME. I will continue to push myself because there is no better feeling than 700AM getting there and knowing you did more in 1 hour than most people do in one day and there is no better feeling then leaving a gym full of sweaty hard working ladies knowing we all killed it for the hour!

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