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What to Expect at Your No Sweat Intro

The path to becoming a GEvolution Team Member is simple, straightforward and supportive.

The first step is your Complimentary No Sweat Intro! This intro session isn’t about wrapping measuring tape around every inch of you and getting you to hop on one foot, we promise!

Throw on your favorite workout gear and come in to personally meet with our GEvo founder for 60 minutes to talk about your health history, fitness past, present and future, your desired accomplishments and why functional fitness training is something you want as part of your lifestyle.

It’s also your time to get to know us, about our GEvolution mission/culture and to know what to expect as a team member. 

Lastly, we will do a postural and movement assessment with you, also simple and straightforward.

These assessments enable us to create an individualized Injury Prevention & Corrective Strength/Flexibility program specifically based on your lifestyle and the needs of your body. 

                                                       FEEL BETTER. MOVE BETTER!

We will see you soon.

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