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Ya Don’t Wanna Get Smacked in the Face by Yo Mama.

It was definitely a winter morning. I was 14 years old sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car, which at that time still had a cassette player in the dashboard. I put a rap tape on and started working my head bob. My Italian mom wasn’t a big rap music fan at the time, or for that matter, any time….ever. After about 2 songs, my mother in typical Marie fashion, said, “Please!! Take this off, it’s slicing into my brain.” (haha! So dramatic!) So, I boldly ejected the tape from the player with an “attitude.” Yeah, I snatched …

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I Need A Divorce

I have heard that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Quick Peek into the point I am about to make. We will establish friendships that will amazingly last a lifetime, however, we will also establish friendships that will serve a purpose for a very specific amount of time. Recognizing the end point can sometimes be difficult because we want to be supportive and provide as much encouragement as possible. But… If you start to identifying that this “friend” is undeniably occupying your valuable time with negativity, “all the things wrong” in his/her …

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3 books that Will Dramatically Improve Your Life Right Now.

You look in the mirror and stare at what you hate. You scroll through Facebook and compare yourself to fashionistas & fitness models. You step on a scale & damn near implode because the number was +1 since yesterday. You scan through Pinterest and think you’re a shitty mom since you can’t make those super creative cupcakes. It happens every day. Beautiful, strong, intelligent & powerful women are veiled by their perceived “flaws.” These “perceived” flaws can destroy us from the inside, out. They can extinguish our beauty, deteriorate our strengths, stifle our intelligence & suppress our power. I was …

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Do NOT wipe your slate clean.

Yay, it’s 2016! I get to wipe my slate clean,” Fuck. That. Don’t ever wipe your slate clean. Every decision, every moment, every experience has designed you, created you, etched you, carved you, shaped you. Every bit of pain you endured, every smile that graced your face, every hardship, every bit of enjoyment that you experienced in 2015 or any year before it, is a PART of you now. Keep your slate and the multitude of scribblings all over it. Be proud of all of the decisions, while at the time good, bad or indifferent moved you closer to the …

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Erin W

What a fantastic gym! It has everything for your fitness needs and athletic goals, along with some highly motivating and inspirational professionals who will get you where you want to be.” -Erin W.

Incestuous Exercise

I know I know-that’s a pretty odd title , but it was the first thing that popped into my mind while reviewing a workout with one of our coaches last week. Well, what the hell do I mean by “incestuous exercises?” Well, there are thousands upon thousands of movements in the exercise family, and in many cases you can marry 2 of those exercises together. The results?  More calories burned. Multiple muscles targeted in less time Amplified endurance. Torched Body Fat.  Intensified CORE training. Optimized Mobility & Flexibility Increased Body Awareness Annnnnnd, possibly everyone’s favorite: being able to squeeze some …

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Your Treadmill Doesn’t Love You ….

The Dirty Little Secrets your Cardio Machine has been hiding from you……. What IS “Steady State Cardio” anyway? It can be defined as sustaining any cardiovascular activity, at a steady effort or fixed intensity for an extended amount of time. Easy peasy example: running….on a treadmill….for 20 or more minutes…at the same exact pace & incline. Got it? Okay, now on to some dirty secrets: Secret #1: If fat loss and creating a lean, healthy, defined body is what you desire, long duration steady state exercise or “hamster-ing” on a cardio machine is the exact opposite of what you need. …

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No Validation Needed

After being away for over a week with my mentorship crew and presenting to a room of alomost 200 passionate entrepeneurs about the importance of believing in yourself and cultivating your life around that which you love, I immediately felt drawn to better my communication with our GEvolution Community.  I was astounded my how many lives we touched through our presentations, and understood crystal clearly that it was time to use my talents to continue to serve others. ”Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve …

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Thoughts & Words. Strength or Weakness.

Behavior Kinesiology is a branch of kinesiology (the study of human movement) that studies how thinking directly impacts our physical body, stress symptoms & the effects on our immune system.  Behavioral kinesiology helps us to determine if we are carrying old limiting beliefs that are continually self-sabotaging. With that being said, words are very powerful. So powerful, that even multiple tests performed in the field of  Behavior Kinesiology, have found consistent links between self-sabotaging thoughts & negative speech and increased or decreased strength and/or our output from our muscles. Dr. John Diamond, the founder of Behavior Kinesiology noted that “muscles get stronger or weaker depending on the …

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New Year. New You. No Thank You.

I’m not gonna do the whole “new year, new you” thing. Not even close. Instead, I offer this reminder. …Every moment of every day entitles us to make our own decisions, no matter what four digits follow the month & day. We are our present, not our past & our present decisions craft our future. I welcome us to embrace our ability to craft that future, moment by moment. Choose to immerse ourselves into what makes us happiest. Choose to fill our body with nutritious fuel. Choose to activate our bodies daily so we can experience longevity & optimal well-being. …

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