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Kill Joy. Buzzkill. Comparison.

I am done with comparisons.

Mark Twain said it best when he said, “comparison is the death of Joy.”




My life feels better without comparisons. Less stressful. Less pressure. Less fear.

I actually get to be nice to myself instead of telling myself everything I’m not.

I focus on ALL that I am.

I don’t compare myself to who I was, what I could do or what I looked like in the past.

I don’t compare where I am in my life with others.

I don’t compare my business to others.

my skills

my parenting

my values

my finances

I don’t compare my self to others.

I have left this self-destructive technique behind.

i am me.

right here.

right now.

in this capacity.

at this moment.

with everything that has come before this moment placing me here.

i accept me.

the fukn kindhearted, badass chick,

as i am.

and I don’t need to measure my self on any imaginary scale to prove my worth or excellence or status or success.

It’s not an overnight choice, it’s not a “cold turkey” kinda thing. It’s a practice. and I’m really starting to get the hang of it!

and when I feel like I’m slipping, I pull my affirmations up in to my thought process and feed my brain the good stuff.

Let the comparisons go or remove the instances that you find yourself doing it.

I choose joy.