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Massage and Body Work as Preventative Care

Who thinks of massage as preventative injury care?

Who thinks of massage as self care?

Who thinks of massage as sports performance efficiency?

Who thinks of massage as recovery or relaxation?

Who thinks of massage as “I’m broke and I need fixin’?”


The top 4 will take you out of the weeds of the 5th and Coach Chele Fuller can assist you with all of the above!

Did you know we have a licensed massage therapist on our team? WE DO!

and this is the talk around town about her:

“This work is Chele’s gift. “Reviewing” or “Rating” her will not do your experience justice. I can only say that she will share her gift with you with the utmost of care, compassion and knowledge. All else will fall into place naturally. I am thankful for Chele. “

“If you have any aches or pains (and who doesn’t?) or if you just want a relaxing experience, I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Chele. I’ve seen her a few times for different reasons and every visit has been exceptional. She is knowledgeable about different types of body work and incorporates whatever my body needs at the time. I always look forward to my time with her!”

“Chele is fabulous, I won’t be going to anyone else for my holistic therapy. Her calm, fun, and radiant energy is contagious. Her attention to your wellness is her passion.”

“Chele is kind, supportive and for anyone who struggles to stay fit and become healthy, an amazing role model. I am inspired every day just because I’ve been honored to call her my friend got over 20 years.”

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