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Confessions of a “CouldaBeen”

It was the Olympic Trials. I was prepared, physically. I was experiencing the best season of my life and found myself edging closer to my longed for 200Ft. throw in competition and making the USA Olympic Track & Field Team (just typing it, gives me butterflies). I was 27 years old and I thought of this moment since I started throwing discus at age 15. Ranked 5th in the USA and 32nd in the world, I stepped into the stadium in Sacramento, California. Physically, I was ready to go, ready to accomplish, and just like my discus, ready to soar. …

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Puzzles. I used to always do them as a child, especially with my grandma. She was the queen of puzzles. I would sit alongside of her for hours in her house in Queens, NY with 1,000 pieces of “whoa” laid out before us on a cutting board the size of a stovetop.  As we would devote our focus and patiently search for the right pieces, we would eventually get into a groove and exceptionally beautiful pictures of landscapes, homes, horses, kittens, cities, etc. would start to emerge. Once we were in that groove, we just couldn’t stop. We were dialed in. We looked forward …

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Kim’s Ass or Jen’s Arms. Neither.

How many times have we seen the titles, “Have Legs Like These,” “So & SO’s Ab Routine,” “Get This Person’s Ass,” “Tighten and Tone, just Like (insert A-List Airbrushed Celeb’s Name Here)” It’s everywhere. Magazines, Billboards, TV, Internet, Radio, Social Media Ads! AHH! It is no wonder why many of us lose sight of our “self.”  It is because we are being heavily bombarded by information telling us, we should want to look “like this.”  I couldn’t possibly say how many times, as a personal trainer and coach that when I ask a new client what their Fitness Vision is, I am met …

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